This website is part of the documentation of the design studio:

        Soil, Water, Labour
        HS 2020
        ETH Zurich D-ARCH
        Professorship Milica Topalović
The site is meant solely for purposes of education and is produced as part of the research and design studio in the autumn semester 2020. Each project page is curated and designed by the respective student groups as part of their submission.

The studio is part of a studio series on designing Agriurbanisms for the Metropolitan Region of Zurich and is affiliated with the Agriurbanisms research program at the Future Cities Laboratory in Zurich, due to commence in 2020. Cantonal and academic partners, experts, citizens and fellow designers will work with us in the process.

For more information visit the website of the chair

Neunbrunnenstrasse 50
8050 Zurich, Switzerland

P +41 44 633 86 88

Teaching Team:
Muriz Djurdjevic
Dorothee Hahn
Michael Stünzi
Jan Westerheide

Student Assistants:
Joshua Andres
Matilde Negri